Marvin Gewiss



I am an inquisitive all-rounder who can be deployed flexibly and enjoys taking on new challenges.
In my years as a software developer, I was able to learn a number of skills that I would like to expand and consolidate.
I am looking forward to varied tasks, which can also be completed in a team.


#allrounder #enthusiast #gamer #dreamer #nerd

  • Birthday: 13 January 1998
  • Age:
  • City: Weimar, Germany
  • Mail:
  • Degree: FORQ*
  • Job-Status: Searching/Available
*Fachoberschulreife mit Qualifikation **Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung


Here is a list of my previous skills.

C# very good
SQL very good
JavaScript very good
ILE RPG very good
HTML very good
PHP good
CSS good
Python fundamental
Java good
C++ fundamental

Further Skills

Here is a list of the applications and frameworks I have already worked with.

Unity-Engine very good
Visual Studio Code very good
GitLab very good
Visual Studio very good
Jira very good
Mantis good
IBM and Camunda BPM good
IBM-WebQuery good
MS Office good
AS400 / DB2 good
Galaxy View good
Unreal Engine fundamental
VueJs fundamental
BabylonJs fundamental


My current career in the form of a curriculum vitae.

Further education

Shader basic training

upjers GmbH (Inhouse), 96052 Bamberg

Certificate Project management
(Fernuni Hagen)

Berufskolleg Lübbecke, 32312 Lübbecke


Training "Fachinformatiker-Anwendungsentwicklung" (shortened)

2014 August - 2017 January

Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG, 32584 Löhne
Berufskolleg Lübbecke, 32312 Lübbecke

Auszug der Programmier-Inhalte:

  • Consoleapplications in Visual Studio (C#)
  • Windows-Forms-Applications (GUI-Toolkit from .NET Framework / C#)
  • Windows-Presentation-Foundation (Graphic-Framework from .NET Framework / C#)
  • MS Access administration-application (ADO.NET / C# / SQL)

Fachoberschulreife mit Qualifikationsvermerk

2008 August – 2014 June

Heinrich-Drake-Realschule, 32756 Detmold

Professional Experience

Unity Developer

2022 March - Present

mld digits gmbh, 81241 München

  • Development and planning of customized 3D applications on the web or standalone (Unity / C#)
  • Development of an own interactive viewer for the visualization of 3D objects (JavaScript, BabylonJs, HTML, CSS, VUE)
  • Realization of projects in the in-house 3D viewer


2018 April - 2022 February

upjers GmbH, 96052 Bamberg

  • Complete front-end development of video games for mobile devices and web in Unity3D (C#)
  • WebGL porting for "Uptasia" (C# / JavaScript)
  • WebGL porting for "My little Farmies" (C#)
  • Unannounced app (C#)

Software Developer

2017 January - 2018 March

Nolte Küchen GmbH & Co. KG, 32584 Löhne

  • Development and support of data management software (ILE RPG / SQL)
  • Linux server support (BPM project)
  • Development on the BPM project (JavaScript)
  • Development, provision and support of IDM data (ILE RPG / SQL)
  • Development of various interfaces between DB2 and MSSQL (ILE RPG / SQL)

Demo Projects

A few example projects i have worked on.

Pipetti (.net Forms - C#)

- private -
Pipetti is an older tool to pick up a color on the screen.
You get the RGB and hex value to be able to use these values further.

Puzzle For Charity (Unity3D - C#)

- private -
Puzzle for Charity is a small casual sliding puzzle game.
In addition, there is a pairs mode, where you have to find equal pairs.

My Little Farmies (Unity3D - C#)

- upjers GmbH -
My Little Farmies is a free to play game that had to be ported from flash to Unity3D (WebGL).

mld digits City (Simply Interactive)

- mld digits GmbH -
This is an interactive mini city from mld digits.
It was created in Simply Interactive, a specially developed tool for presentations and the visualization of 3d objects.
I was involved in the development of the 3D-part of the engine using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Babylon JS and Vue JS, among others.

LAP Thales 3D Scanner (Unity3D - C#)

- mld digits GmbH for LAP-
This is a product visualization for LAP, which I was allowed to develop as a web application with the help of Unity.

Cozy-Farming Launcher (Visual Studio Console-App - C#)

- private -
This mod organizer was created for a Farming simulator 22 community project, so that players can easily get into the game with the latest mods.


My commitment to the environment. Here I briefly introduce the organizations I like to support.


WWF is a foundation under Swiss law based in Gland, Canton Vaud.
It was founded in 1961 and is one of the largest international nature and environmental protection organizations.
The WWF's heraldic animal is the giant panda.


Aussie Ark, formerly Devil Ark, is an animal preservation project based near the Barrington Tops of New South Wales, Australia.
The wildlife sanctuary is called the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hearts On Fire Charity

Hearts On Fire was launched in November 2019 to mark "Friendly Fire 5".
Collecting donations for a good cause is always at the forefront of this project.